Here at BKLM, we believe that successful M&A depends on creation of a model that can be repeated. Once you have that repeatable model, you can use it time and time again to experience successful growth.

There are 5 steps key to a successful M&A model:

  1. Start with a clear strategy that is backed with a thorough M&A plan. Strategy is at the heart of all we do. With years of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to create a plan to effectively execute your merger.
  2. Create a meaningful thesis. A successful deal adds value to the target, as well as the acquiring company. The deal thesis should address both, while maintaining ties to your overall strategy for growth.
  3. Ask the right big questions (and answer them). Knowing the right questions to ask keeps you from falling for smoke screens. A seasoned acquirer knows how to see through the smoke screens and know how to set the right price for the deal.
  4. Integrate where necessary. There’s a lot to consider when combining companies. Integration must take into account all aspects of the involved parties to ensure full value is realized.
  5. Identify critical actions and take care of them. It’s easy to get stuck in the minutia during a merger. However, there are critical actions that must first be addressed before you can take care of the small details. Knowing how to identify those critical actions first is key.

BKLM’s M&A consultants can help your practice create and carry out your own repeatable M&A model. By keeping up with the most recent M&A insights and analyses, both our teams and clients have the knowledge and understanding of how the best acquirers experience success.